I’m a small town Canadian girl, hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach on a mission to help ambitious, people pleasing women, put themselves first, say no without guilt and set fierce boundaries to achieve the health, wealth and happiness they truly desire.

I’m a lover of the outdoors: hiking, kayaking, camping or anything in the water! I’m a laid back jeans and t-shirt kinda girl who loves to bake, laugh and spend time with my amazing dog Daisy and my niece and nephew.

I didn’t always have this life: a business I love, abundance in all areas of my life and most importantly…… true happiness!

At the age of 28 I found myself waking up the morning of my wedding thinking, “i’m making the biggest mistake of my life,” but in the next breath telling myself, “but I can’t do anything now or I’ll disappoint everyone.”

Little did I know at the time, that moment started me down the path to my rock bottom. Just a few short months later I found myself concussed on the floor of the hospital xray room!

My need to please led me down a road to full blown burnout! That day at the hospital my body shut down and I passed out and collapsed, hitting my head on the concrete floor.

I like to call that day my rebirth. It was the day that I decided I wanted more from my life.

💙To be healthy!

💙To be wealthy!

💙To be happy!

And I was was going to make it happen…. no matter what!

I walked away from my marriage, my business and my unhappy life and started my 30’s from scratch! It was scary as hell, but it was the best decision I ever made!

Now my life is a completely different story! Because of the work I did on myself I am living a life of my design. A life that brings me true joy and happiness.

💙I have a business I love.

💙Healthy loving relationships

💙Abundance in all areas of my life

And the best part? It gets better every day!

If you’re ready to make YOU the priority and ditch your people pleasing ways for good I am here to help! Book your free 30 min Live Your Remarkable Life Strategy Call to see how I can best support you to start living YOUR best life!

My favorite things:

💙 The outdoors

💙 My niece and nephew

💙 Horses 

💙 Gardening

💙 Travelling and adventures

💙 My dog Daisy

💙 Family


Jen is superb at what she does. I had a session with her about life purpose and I feel so liberated right after the session! It’s like being freed from self-imposed imprisonment. And I didn’t have the slightest clue, these beliefs existed in my life. Because I have done tremendous work on my personal growth. But she pulled out such deep seated issues from my mind and now, it makes so much sense, the issues, the beliefs, the scenes that came up. I’m grateful to her. And I can’t even begin to explain how valuable this session has been for me. Thank you so much Jen. Love you so much. You really are a phenomenal therapist and coach. Wishing you the best for all your endeavors.       -Shruti Ranjan

My session yesterday with Jen was amazing,was easy to fallow,had tears of release,deep healing happened. Real RTT magician.Highly recommend her to meet you inner self to free any blocked energy,to be confident,to have success and live remarkable life ever after  thank You so much for making world better place,really enjoying recording  blessings           – Amanda Diamonda