When Your Body Forces You to Slow Down

With Cari Rosno

Show Notes

In this episode, we have invited Cari Rosno, a global manifestation coach and truth seeker as she shares to us her personal journey to navigating through her own healing. Cari is a survivor of the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 and after years of built up trauma and stress, she became bedridden with an illness. In her pursuit to search for answers, Cari did not only find herself but this brought her an awakening journey of reclaiming power in her own life by seeking her true potential underneath of it all. She also overcame PTSD and her illness. All of this has driven Cari in her passion and desire to guide her clients through releasing their own trauma and begin the process of healing mentally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.



The biggest realization of Cari’s life is she has the ability to understand and listen to herself, and trust her intuition. As she was navigating through doctors, emergency rooms because of her illness, nobody had answers for her. By trusting her own intuition and navigating that things around her, she was able to discover and uncover the illness that was lying within. That was the beginning of the journey, knowing the illness and trying to get the source of that.


Cari began listening to herself more and trusted her intuition. She believed that the answers were not outside of her but within her. She acknowledge the subconscious thoughts, emotions, and energy that she had, which caused issues within her. As she acknowledged those, she dove into the limiting beliefs and understanding that she had from her childhood, those collective consciousness that surrounded her and what she had picked up as her own versus her own understand.


When Cari started to shift all of that, she discovered the truth of who she was underneath it. Then, all of the illnesses went away.



Cari has to prove in order to be loved. Throughout her life, she is proving who she is to everybody else in order to receive that love.



The greatest gift you can give yourself to get out of this comfort zone is this idea that it is happening to you or happening for me and understand that you’re creating it.


When Cari understood that she created it, and she knows the lessons to learn, she can shift it, and she can create something new. So that’s when she got to that point and understood that within her business. She knew she needed to disrupt it and create something new.



Navigating gaps in your thoughts. That’s really where intuition comes from.


Cari has the ability to create a gap in thought and pull forward the truth that sits within her to understand her true desires, and to understand who she is underneath it all. It is coming into a present state in order to create those gaps, so that we have the ability to allow those things to come forward.


You don’t make bad decisions. In any of those instances, you made the exact decision that you were supposed to make based on the truth that you had in that moment. And we need to start honoring that.


When you can tap into that and allow it to come forward, we can release it, and place new things in there. We’ve got to stop shaming ourselves out of a past. It’s about honoring the past and sitting in the past and releasing it that we have the ability to move forward and clarity.



The victim state is the state of this happened to me. It is having that mindset of it happened to you, still gives power over you.


If I shift that into this warrior mindset of creation, and understand my responsibility, not over the things that happened to other people, but my responsibility of myself in that moment, and what it is that I was looking to learn, then we can shift out of the victim mindset.

Key Quotes:


Anytime you live a life where people are involved, you have reference points for some form of behavior. Now you can choose to pick that up and make it your own or not.


The biggest comfort zone that you have got to get out of, is this idea that life is either happening to you or it’s happening for you.

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