Are You Deserving

With Jen Gutfriend

Show Notes


One key to success that many wealthy and successful people don’t share is that you have to feel worthy of success or you won’t allow good things to happen. I know from personal experience and working with women who struggle to achieve their financial goals, that the biggest key to these struggles is the feelings of not deserving it! And an even bigger issue, is most women don’t even know they have this problem!

We are have this invisible glass ceiling that tells us how much we believe we are worth and we don’t allow ourselves to push past it. If by chance we happen to make more money, we will do something to lose it. We will buy things we don’t need, have an accident that costs a lot of money or even give it away to someone else.

If you are truly ready to increase your income then you need to make worthiness your number one priority! Until you believe you are worthy of more, you will continue to struggle!