Taking Time To Heal

With Beth Nydick

Show Notes

In this episode, we have invited Beth Nydick, an online entrepreneur and health coach for 10 years. Her expertise in business had been sought out by other solopreneurs that wanted to increase their authority but their businesses were not set up for success. Today, Beth guides entrepreneurs to strategically prepare their business and gain exposure through collaboration & visibility so they can reach their full potential and establish credibility.

Traumatic Experience


Beth dealt with stress about her son’s illness, emotional baggage that she was carrying, having headaches and back pains because of her accident, and death of a loved one.

Overcoming the Trauma & Healing


Finding people that could relate to her trauma, no matter what kind of trauma they had, so that Beth could have that conversation with them, and really engaging with her community in a different level so that she could become whole again.


Beth I watched a lot of TV, and listened to a lot of entertainers and podcasts.


Beth acknowledged that she wasn’t fine. She came to a point where she stopped pretending that everything’s fine with her. Initially, it wasn’t with people she was close with because it was safer.

Awakening & Transformation Journey


Beth went through a couple of therapists until she found the one that she ultimately liked.


In those sessions, there were times she would just sit and cry, yell and scream the whole time until it got the point where she can go through the story and her therapist what she was feeling. A lot of it for her was people not showing up. What she didn’t understand at that point was they weren’t showing up because she wasn’t asking them to, she wasn’t giving them the availability to, she wasn’t giving them the space to. And instead, she was just hurt that they weren’t.

Communication in Relationships


For Beth, communication is really important. She cut off many relationships and she was no longer doing things she used to be doing. Stepping back in the lives of the people who she wants to step ack with was not easy. She had struggles with it because their lives have gone on. She thought that certain people in her life understood what she was going on, and now having conversations with them made her realized that they didn’t knowing what she was going through.


She recently had let go of relationships because it wasn’t there anymore. Whether it’s because they didn’t understand or she wasn’t vocal enough for what it was she was going through.

Acknowledging, Moving On & Letting Go


It’s okay to sit and not be comfortable, not be happy, and get upset with things. Give yourself time to move on from it, and let it go.


Not letting it come up was hurting her more than letting it come up.


We don’t acknowledge enough that it’s okay to give yourself time to be a mess. It’s okay to be a mess and not tell anybody that you’re a mess. It’s when you want to come out of it. And you want to get back to your life and you want to be bigger and you want to be stronger.


The important thing is to give yourself that time and telling the people around you, you need that time.

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