It’s Never Too Late to Start Over

With Eleni Anastos

Show Notes

Our guest for this episode, Eleni Anastos shares her personal challenges, awakening, and transitioning journey that brought her from being a teacher to taking a data entry job, then eventually becoming a coach. Eleni is a business strategist and prosperity coach. She helps entrepreneurs and executives overcome money and mindset blocks so they can create the income, impact, and lifestyle they desire.

Unfortunate Incident Story


Eleni’s life changed one day, when she got knocked down, trampled by senior students during a homecoming event in their school. She was kicked and stomped on repeatedly and she remembers begging for her life and she thought that time she was going to die.


To her disbelief, she learned that the district staged a cover-up of the incident, they said the event never happened. So she was cut off financially and ended up losing her house and really struggling.


Eleni just wanted the students to be accountable. She wanted them to acknowledge what was done.

How Her Life Turned Around


Eleni ended up working for her chiropractor who was helping her with her neck injury. She worked for her as a Data Entry Staff paid $12 an hour. She accomplished creating training protocols and started streamlining all the processes in the office. Eleni was doing things above and beyond.


One day, she just started realizing that something needed to change and she won’t be doing data entry forever.


The following month after, she ended up starting her first coach training certification. She didn’t want to officially call herself a coach until she has gone through her first business and money coaching certification.


Eleni started her coaching business at the age of 54 and she just turned 60 last year. Eleni says no one should define what your prime is.

Moving Past Her Own Limiting Beliefs & Making It Happen


You can do anything you set your mind to, without question.


Eleni doesn’t let other people rent space in her head.  We need to be careful who you share your dreams with, because more than likely they’re just going to project their limiting beliefs onto you and rain on your parade


In a spiritual perspective, Eleni believes that nothing’s going to happen that God and she can’t handle together, and that there is a lesson in everything, and even the most painful experiences.


Eleni chooses to look for the gift and look for the lesson to get through it. And sometimes those lessons are painful, but they’re still gifts.

Tips For People Who Want to Move Out of That Victim Mentality

Always go back to gratitude. Eleni is grateful that she had strength to get pass the challenges in her life. She is grateful for having the fortitude to move on and giving herself the chance to keep living.


You’ve got to own it all. It doesn’t mean you’ve deserved whatever trauma you’ve been through. Doesn’t mean you asked to be hurt. But you have to be grateful that you have the ability to deal with it, you have to be grateful that you are able to make a choice.

How Her Mindset Shifted To Get Where She Is Today


Eleni claimed beliefs even before it physically happened. She believed that she has her own business supporting some wonderful clients, feeling empowered, helping people live their best live. She was claiming it like this is what’s going to be happening.


You also have to take the action, but you’re not motivated to take the action if you haven’t claimed it. If you don’t believe it’s possible, and our beliefs dictate our thoughts, then our thoughts dictate our action

Biggest Step For People Who Want More Financial Abundance In Their Lives


Track your money and then twice a month, look over all of your accounts, whether it’s mortgage, credit cards, car note, and know your numbers.


Take time and write down all the things that you believe about money. Because we can’t succeed beyond our current beliefs

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