Being Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

With Jenna Faye Madden

Show Notes

In this episode, our guest Jenna shares her own journey to the path of total shift of lifestyle, discovering her self-worth, and living with a mission to help activate fellow conscious leaders to create collective change in the world.

Six years ago, Jenna was in a completely different phase of her life. She was in a corporate job that wasn’t fulfilling for her, had a seven year relationship with an abusive and toxic partner and she was a step mom, in massive debt, with shopping addiction, and 70 pounds heavier. At one point, she even had to sell weed.


Now, Jenna is happily married and living in the mountains of Canada where they run their company together, traveling around the world together, living their best lives. Their company focuses on helping activate fellow conscious leaders who are here to make a huge difference in the world with their gifts, skills, and mission. They believe that’s the biggest key to rise up with their business to create collective change in the world.

Turning Point of Her Life Leading to Her Personal Transformation


The turning point of Jenna’s life started with her own health. She was 70 pounds overweight which she considered a representation of having low self-worth because she was taking care of everybody else in her life but failed to focus on her personal development. Jenna didn’t realize that she was suppressing a lot of her emotions and trauma on food, and other things such as shopping.


She ended up getting involved with network marketing when she was looking at different weight loss products and things started to kick off with momentum to improve her own health. And as that transition started happening, her confidence began to rise, had higher self-worth, and generally she felt better.


Opportunities starting to open up for her which gave her confidence to weed out stressful aspects of her life. She left her abusive and toxic boyfriend for 7 years and also quit her job. She had never considered doing all those things before, including the path of entrepreneurship.

Discovering and Accepting Her Own Identity


– Jenna started to release the ideas that she had been told throughout her life of who she was supposed to be, reflecting on who she really is, and realized that she had no self-identity. It was one of the biggest explorations of discovering her own identity. She began exploring things that at one point she was never giving herself permission to actually connect to who she really is


– Joining a network marketing company has really helped her transformation journey. She has never been involved with a community, and she realized that was something she has been craving.


– To be plugged into a community that was filled with like-minded people who saw her for who she was without any judgment was essential for her journey.


–  Jenna started to explore out from her comfort zone intentionally. Because at one point of her journey, she became very comfortable being uncomfortable but in a really unhealthy way.

Exploring Out of Her Comfort Zone


– We all have that breaking point where we can come to the level of self-awareness that things aren’t working. Usually, it comes from a trigger related to health, relationship, or career.


Jenna used to be comfortable with experiencing discomfort in her life, and that things would normally work out. She thinks that humanity has been enslaved and conditioned for a very long time to expect pain, trauma, violence, and all these kinds of things.


All of us need all these little micro steps which lead into the bigger steps of change and transformation in our lives.

Letting Go of Relationships


The number one biggest tool is learning about and embodying boundaries


Jenna also made sure to be surrounded with supportive people around me who did believe in her and having an intentional community who allows her to move through what she needed to do without judgment, negative thoughts and beliefs.


Jenna also was very open to trying different things and working with lots of different tools, different healing modalities, and going to therapy to get better.

Masculine & Feminine Energy and Balancing It


– The first thing to do is to understand what’s your core energy or your lead energy


Tune into yourself and ask, what your preference would be if you were with a community of people. Would you rather be cherished? Or would you rather feel respected? Being in your edge, feeling on purpose, being respected, those are more masculine qualities, whereas feeling loved, being in the energy of love, feeling radiant, feeling cherish, those are more feminine qualities.


We see a lot in our current reality where a lot of women are hitting burnout, because we’ve kind of gone through the recent generations. A lot of women going really into their masculine and feeling disconnected from their bodies, feeling disconnected from receiving love.


We’re at this current point in humanity where both men and women are trying to find more of a balance, as we shift from more of a patriarchal society to more of a matriarchal. A more balanced kind of society where we are able to basically have the spaciousness to be creative, to flow, to give and receive love, but to also feel really good about the structures and the systems of our lives as opposed to being like too far on one side than the other.

Suggestions to Get Into Their Proper Masculine or Feminine Balance

  • Checking in, like I said, with the lead energy
  • Look at where your time is going. Are you prioritizing things like your own self-care, and prioritizing, feeling like you have the time and spaciousness to do the things that you’d love doing in your life.
  • Have an intentional time blocking the schedule can really help where you can take a look at where you are flowing and where you are actually more structured
  • Take a look at your relationships, whether you’re focusing on your relationship with yourself and or with a partner

Jenna’s Personal Self-Care Routine

  • No electronics for the first hour of the day, and none for the last hour of the day
  • Getting outside into nature every day, even if it’s literally just standing on the lawn
  • Getting out for lots of walks and hikes and just time to just be in nature

One Piece Advice for the Listeners


Tune into yourself and ask yourself if you are actually comfortable with your life? Are you happy with your life? And what is that one thing that you could be doing today to actually embody the next chapter of your life that you want to be living. Pick the number one area that you feel like there’s opportunity for growth and expansion when you tune into yourself, and start doing those little micro steps

Key Quotes:


As humans, we’re not designed for being stagnant. Humans are hardwired for growth, and change in movement.


A big thing that no one ever prepared me for with this is the amount of people, relationships, habits, and things that actually have to be shed, as you’re growing.

For those of you who want to step up when it comes to your gifts, whether you have a business or starting a business right now, and you want to be plugged into a conscious community and also take your own consciousness to the next level, come and join our amazing community, New Earth Leadership.

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