The True Meaning of Success

With Megan Brame

Show Notes

In this episode, we have invited Megan Brame as she shares her own journey on walking away from her first business, finding her true passion, discovering self-worth, and the desire to share it to others.

Megan is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he met her husband when they were both going to college. They had a long distance relationship for a long time because he was from Cincinnati. And when they got together, they got married and ended up living in Brooklyn, New York.

That’s when and where she started her business from scratch. It was a soap and candle company. And that company ended up garnering 5 industry awards, beating out other big and stable companies. But because of her scarcity mindset, she was afraid to give up control in her company, and did everything by herself. And that lead to feeling burnout and messed with her mindset.

She decided to let the business go, and she recalls for it to be an amazing mindset because finally she has realized that it wasn’t the path for her and she has the power to correct the path to a better life.

Path Taken After Letting Go of the Business


She has her own personal blog and had it retooled from handmade Brooklyn her name She leveraged this blog to write and interact with others in helping overcome their lack of knowledge about business, fears, mindsets, and apply the lessons she have learned from her experiences to help clear the path for other people.


It has become her passion and goal to help others, which lead her to further hone her skills and utilize all the pains and mistakes in the past from hating her business, not giving up control, and mixing it with the knowledge that she has now and funneling them to helping people how to run their business, creating their life on their terms, in a fulfilling way and not in a scarcity.

Acknowledging Self-Worth


On her journey to figuring out what path to take after closing her business, it also lead her to discovering self-care. She has become intentional on being nicer to herself, and be more of a person who could recognize the priority of self. When she was honing her skills- becoming a better writer, blogging, learning about marketing, she was also going down a path of learning how to be nicer to herself.


She has also acknowledged that she was going through a depression. She went for a therapy which has helped her a lot. Therapy became a really good avenue for her to understand her own worth, talent, and skill sets. It has helped her to overcome all those internalized stigmas from own family, and society on how a woman was supposed to be.


It was also a big help for her to acknowledge her past traumas (boyfriend who sexually assaulted her, and a father who emotionally abused her) in life. In the past, she wasn’t keen on letting go of these things .Those traumas really done a number on her feelings of self-worth, and self-esteem. She has accepted that those events happened, but they don’t define you, and they don’t have stay within you if you don’t want to.


In her journey to discovering self-worth, she realizes that whatever negative thought that will come up, it has to recognized and validated. So whatever negative thought comes up, it has to be recognized, it has to be validated, and knowing to herself if these thoughts are truth about you or not. This process has helped her remind herself of her worth.


She also discovered that there is no enough because enough is finite. She believes it is a continual journey. And she has learned to be okay with the space that she is in by listening to what makes her happy and what makes her feel good.

The Key to Being Successful


It’s about finding the balance of my priorities in life – her husband, her home, gardening, self-care, and her business. For Megan, being successful is being dynamic and allowing herself the grace to say that there are multiple things in life that she wants and give them each a space in her life

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