Third Times a Charm

With Michelle Bateman

Show Notes


On this amazing episode, we will be talking with Michelle Batman, founder and CEO of soul journey and also a transformational soul coach and speaker. She will be sharing her life story and diving into her journey of self-discovery and how she got past all the negativity and now lives a happier life. This and lots more amazing contents have been embedded in this episode.

Key Podcast Moments

  • [00.22] – Michelle introduces herself to the audience, talk about her life, her work and how she discovered her purpose
  • [5:47] –  “How did you learn to put yourself first?”
  • [07:04]-  “How did you go about trying to find those passions and getting your life back?”
  • [08.47] –   Discovering Purpose
  • [12. 42] – “How did you address that negativity when it hit and how did you move past it and not allow that to control you?”
  • [15.07] –    Advice to ladies on how to move past fear
  • [29:06] –   “How did you deal with resentment, that anger and those feelings that you know as women were not supposed to feel?”
  • [31.43] –     How to healthily deal with your emotions
  • [44.15]   –     Michelle’s gift to listeners


  • With big sadness, comes big dreams, loyalty and big respect
  • Perfection isn’t a thing
  • Learn to learn from mistakes
  • Say ‘YES’ and figure out why later