Finding More In Life

With Jocelyn Bellows

Show Notes


Joining Jen in this podcast is Jocelyn Bellows who is a Breakup-to-Wakeup Coach. In this episode, Jocelyn will share her story from having a career that helped her financially to being a coach that helps people find their way by loving themselves. Jocelyn shares how she was unhappy with her marriage which later led to her walking out of it. As Jocelyn interacts with the show host, she shares her experience working with a life coach. Throughout this episode, Jocelyn will dive in to the importance of Self care.

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [00.20] – Jocelyn introduces herself to the audience, about her life, her business and how everything looks like to her now.
  • [03.45] – “Embracing Vulnerability”
  • [05.57] – Belief of feeling Unworthy.
  • [12.01] – “How did you learn to start loving yourself?”
  • [20.26] – How Self care transformed Jocelyn’s life
  • [26.56] – Suggestions for ladies to live with Joy and get rid of Anxiety and
  • [33.45] – “Tell us about your podcast, what it is about and the stories people tell.”
  • [36.49] – How the idea of having a podcast generated within Jocelyn
  • [43.14] – Courses that Jocelyn is going to offer in the upcoming fall.
  • [45.56] – “Always be Kind toYourself”


  • “When I decided that I started choosing to love me, that’s when my life radically changed.”
  • “It’s all about YOU.”
  • “It’s not selfish to love yourself.”
  • “The more you can be grateful for, the more the universe is gonna send you to be grateful for.”
  • “Anxiety is this fear of things that you can’t control.”
  • “You can’t control anyone else, the only person you are in control is YOU.”