Generations of Unhealthy Beliefs

With Jen Gutfriend

Show Notes


Our moms and other influential women in out lives have passed along generations of beliefs about who we are suppose to be as women. But these beliefs are no longer serve us and are keeping us stuck and holding us back from achieving the things we truly desire.

I’m sharing the common unhealthy beliefs that have been passed down for generations that are no longer serving us and that we need to understand so that we can overcome them and not pass them along to our daughters.

Common unhealthy beliefs:

  1. You need a man to support you
  2. You can’t make as much as a man
  3. You need to put others ahead of yourself
  4. You must give and not worry about receiving
  5. You can’t have it.

These are all bullshit beliefs and you no longer need to believe them. Stop allowing these negative inner thoughts to control you and keep you from achieving what you truly desire. Awareness is the first step and once you understand the beliefs you have, you can work to remove them for good!