Be Your Authentic Self

With Dr. Courtney Paré

Show Notes


Joining the show host in this empowering episode is Courtney Paré, who is a naturopathic doctor professionally. Courtney together with the show host will dive into her past toxic relationships. She speaks widely on the emotional experiences of feeling not enough. Courtney gives insights on the fact that nothing lasts forever and about journaling. Courtney also manages to dig deep into anxiety and being true to yourself .


  • [00.17] – Courtney introduces herself to the audience, on who she is and what she does.
  • [01.30] – Courtney shares about her past, her lowest point and how she overcame her challenges.
  • [08.12] – “Feeling not enough”
  • [09.17] – “For women, what is that limiting belief that end up perpetuating into this anxiety, these feelings of not enough and looking for that outside validation?”
  • [10.43] – “What were the things that happened to you at a young age that made you feel like you weren’t enough and you had to keep proving yourself?”
  • [13.20] – Switching to good things and moving it away from the bad.
  • [15.55] – Focussing on one thing
  • [17.36] – “Journaling”
  • [20.41] – Impact of making people feel good and how Courtney manages to do that.
  • [25.08] – How Courtney manages to deal with unhealthy relationships
  • [28.33] – Making room for people that serve us than those who don’t.
  • [30.37] – Amount of energy and time spent on ruminating about something.
  • [31.32] – “How do women show up in the dating world to show their partners or potential partners who they truly are?”
  • [34.40] – “You love me for me or you don’t love me at all, I’m fine with that”
  • [38.39] – A woman thinking about everybody else and not about her when it comes to marriage.
  • [40.19] – Focussing on Yourself and making Yourself a priority.
  • [45.24] – Gift for the audience.


  • “I don’t have to get rid of this evidence that there are bad things because there will be.”
  • “Nothing lasts forever.”
  • “When you think of good, you start thinking of more and just the thought of that joy can shift your mindset quickly.”
  • “Anxiety is the fear of unknown.”
  • “Most women have resistance to even themselves.”


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