Do You Know How To Receive

With Jen Gutfriend

Show Notes


As women who give too much we can get angry and resentful when that giving is not reciprocated. I want you to take a look at yourself today though and see if maybe you are blocking good things from coming your way.

Have you developed the inability to receive. You worry so much about others that you give, give, give but don’t allow yourself to receive.

A common example of not being able to receive is not being able to take a compliment. If you brush away compliments or respond with a reason you don’t deserve it, that is not receiving!

You need to stop sabotaging yourself and your happiness and learn to allow yourself to recieve. There are 3 steps to do that.

  1. Stat with learning to accept compliments
  2. Don’t be so giving
  3. Start loving and accepting yourself

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