Learn To Love Your Body

With Alish Carlson

Show Notes


Joining this intriguing episode with the show host is Alisha Carlson, Alisha Carlson is a non-diet lifestyle coach. In this episode Alisha will share her story through her childhood memories, how she went through domestic violence and the burden of been fat. Alisha will also share her experiences of been fat and about how women feel that their perfection is in their style. Alisha also makes it a point to highlight the fact that “Dreaming a bigger dream for yourself.


  • [00.16] – Alisha introduces herself and what she does to the audience.
  • [01.19] – How Alisha’s life has been and how she managed to get to where she is today.
  • [05.16] – How self focused motivation led her off track with regards to her family life.
  • [07.34] – Family life and the experiences she had with her husband.
  • [09.52] – Finding the driving force through body building.
  • [10.42] – “Do you feel you were trying to find that perfect body so that maybe you could finally except yourself and love yourself?”
  • [12.17] – “When I’m perfect, I’ll be happy.”
  • [13.32] – Worth, value; things that Alisha was looking for.
  • [15.09] – Alisha shares what she did to start turning her life and health around after figuring that physique contests were not the route for her.
  • [17.18] – “Is there anything you found that helped you to get over all those outer appearances and start focusing on how you feel?”
  • [19.51] – “How did your health change when you quit dieting and actually just started focusing on your health?”
  • [23.33] – Joy and Pleasure rather than pain when exercising.
  • [25.17] – Steps taken to change the mindset around the body image.
  • [29.32] – Healthy Beliefs
  • [32.16] – Key tools for Non-Diet Lifestyle
  • [36.25] – Things Alisha do for women to achieve.
  • [38.42] – Advice for ladies in the audience.
  • [40.09] – “Gift for the audience”


  • “I believe as women we are better when we lift others up rather than tear them down.”
  • “Sometimes our blessings doesn’t show up as roses and they can sometimes come in hard ways.”
  • “Looks can be very deceiving.”
  • “What I’ve gained in life is worth letting go of somebody else’s idea of what my body should look like.”
  • “It’s not about what others think, it’s about what you think of yourself.”
  • “You could exercise from a negative mindset or a positive mindset but the results are gonna be profoundly different.”
  • “What you believe is what you get.”
  • “We are creators of our story.”
  • “Dreaming a bigger dream for yourself.”


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