Not Willing To Settle

Jessica Yarbrough

Show Notes


In this interesting episode Jen is joined by Jessica Yarbrough who is a
marketing strategist and a growth expert. She went through many hardships throughout her journey but ultimately through her strong will and headstrong nature she succeeded. Jessica through this episode will discuss about the importance of gut feeling and being triggered. Tune in and witness the story of Jessica Yarbrough who succeeded in life due to her inner guidance.


  • [00.00.17] – Introducing herself and her business to the audience, Jessica shares that she is a marketing strategist and a growth expert.
  • [00.00.57] – Sharing her story to the audience, Jessica says that the most
    hardest time of her life was when she became pregnant because she was not financially ready.
  • [00.02.42] – Jessica shares how her life looked like when she found out she was pregnant.
  • [00.04.59] – Sharing about what she went through during her tough times in order to find herself time for her business, Jessica says that she had to sacrifice a lot.
  • [00.06.37] – Jessica shares how she sacrificed her instant gratification to be
    able to achieve her goals.
  • [00.08.06] – Decision of tightening up her circle of friends.
  • [00.09.37] – “How did you find people that were more in line with what it is you wanted out of your life?”
  • [00.10.53] – Jessica shares that mentors help us to push the envelope of what’s possible to create our own lives.
  • [00.14.27] – Hypnotherapy; how hypnotherapy helped and changed her life.
  • [00.16.26] – Second Crossroad that changed her life for good.
  • [00.19.09] – Jessica gives the audience an insight about Inner Guidance which is driven by something that is greater than oneself.
  • [00.20.23] – Sharing about how to identify the intuition that guides you, Jessica says that gut feeling has always been her intuition.
  • [00.22.33] – “How did you deal with family members and friends who maybe
    pushing back against you?”
  • [00.26.45] – “Self love”
  • [00.27.53] – Jessica shares her thoughts on being triggered and emphasizes on awareness.
  • [00.28.40] – According to Jessica, her success is all part of her journey and says that all that she has been through have been critical in her life.
  • [00.30.31] – Jessica gives the audience an insight about “balancing life”.
  • [00.33.19] – Staying focus on what you want and why you want but at the same time allowing some freedom into your life as long as you don’t get distracted.
  • [00.34.55] – Jessica shares with the audience how she help women through her business to achieve bigger goals and help them to find more time for themselves.
  • [00.37.14] – “Importance of having boundaries in order to achieve your goals”
  • [00.40.56] – Free gift for the audience


  • “Had I not changed that circle of influence, I would have been constantly
    pulled back into patterns that weren’t gonna serve my alternate vision for my life.”
  • “Just because they are in your life now, doesn’t mean that they are meant to be in your life forever.”
  • “You have to find people who are gonna support the entrepreneurial vision.”
  • “I think every women, we are givers, we are raised to give.”
  • “Every woman needs to go alone into nature even for a couple of days and just be alone.”
  • “As much as we want a support system to help us, if we don’t rely on the right people it’s gonna do more harm than it is good.”
  • “The more successful that you become, that the more you have to put the
    boundaries around your time.”


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