From Failure to Motivational Speaker

With Stacy Bernal

Show Notes


Stacy Bernal, a professional speaker and an author will share her life experiences to inspire the audience. Stacy will dive into her life story, how becoming a marathon runner saved her when she hit her rock bottom. Stacy will also enlighten the audience on the importance of “sharing your story”.
Tune in to get a glimpse of Stacy Bernal’s story, how she managed to succeed in life and how becoming a marathon runner was a turning point in her life.


  • [00.00.18] – Sharing her story to the audience, Stacy says that she is a
    professional speaker, an author and that she recently started coaching.
  • [00.01.14] – Stacy gives the audience a glimpse of her story, how she hit her rock bottom and what made her the woman she is today.
  • [00.03.10] – According to Stacy the catalyst for her change was when she
    became a marathon runner which gave her the motivation that she can finish anything.
  • [00.04.51] – “What did you do to help get yourself from that rock bottom to the successful speaker that you are today?”
  • [00.06.52] – Stacy shares that the abuse she went through as a child did define her but didn’t make her a bad person.
  • [00.07.22] – Sharing how people embraced her story, Stacy shares how her speaking journey came into life.
  • [00.09.35] – Stacy shares that there was a part of her that found herself guilty of everything that she went through which add up to her trauma.
  • [00.11.35] – “What do you think was the difference that fourth time round helped you finish?”
  • [00.13.50] – “Awesome Autistic Ogden”; how it came into life.
  • [00.17.42] – “How did you end up deciding to found a non-profit?”
  • [00.19.42] – Sharing about the rapport Stacy has with her son, Stacy says that patience and perspective are the most important things that her son taught her.”
  • [00.21.43] – “How did you prioritize your life?”
  • [00.24.27] – Stacy shares about the things that she had to shift and put in so that she has healthy happy relationships.
  • [00.27.27] – Stacy shares about the books that helped her to shift her perspective and help her become who she is today.
  • [00.29.36] – “What did you do to finally release that trauma from your body, from your mind to just let go?”
  • [00.31.06] – “The addictive effect of running”.
  • [00.33.16] – ‘The things one don’t talk about’. Stacy will also share about the fact that there’s a big impact to people through her book.
  • [00.36.25] – According to Stacy, sharing your story will empower a lot of women as they will get inspired to change themselves.
  • [00.37.29] – Sharing about her favorite thing about speaking, Stacy says that the connection she develops with people is what she values the most.
  • [00.38.50] – As a final word of advice, Stacy asks people to remember that their stories matter.
  • [00.39.55] – “Gift for the audience”


  • “Trauma seems to be a common place.”
  • “By not speaking about our trauma, by internalizing it, the silence and the secret keeping is actually worse on us than the trauma of the acted selves.”
  • “By sharing your story you are inspiring other women to share theirs.”
  • “In life we have so many finish lines.”
  • “We can’t be perfect, we can’t be wonder woman 24/7 and not snap.


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