Death Sentence To Living Life To The Fullest

With Tina Encarnation

Show Notes


Joining this episode, Tina Encarnacion an intuitive coach and healer shares her incredible story where she had to go through a lot of pain during her childhood as she was always made to feel unloved. Tina will dive into the importance of learning to love yourself, self love and self care. Tina will also focus on the importance of healing through apology. Tune in and discover the importance of self love and self care as Tina shares her story on how she discovered the power of “loving yourself”.


  • [00.00.23] – Introducing herself to the audience, Tina says that she is an Intuitive Healer and Coach and that she currently sees the whole body healing modality in her business.
  • [00.02.24] – Sharing about her personal life, Tina says that she is happy to have the life she is having today.
  • [00.03.22] – Tina shares how she grew up feeling lonely, worthless and unwanted and how hard she found herself to fit in as her other siblings did within the family.
  • [00.05.00] – Getting diagnosed of Achalasia, a rare disease of the muscle of the esophagus.
  • [00.06.13] – Tina shares that the abusive relationship she had a with a man at the age of 24 gave her a hope of having a child though she was earlier told that she could not get pregnant.
  • [00.08.01] – Tina says that she got pregnant the day she married her husband which gave her a new ray of hope.
  • [00.09.32] – Sharing the reason she went in search of alternative methods of healing instead of western medicine, Tina says that she found a new alternative through the Japanese Healing Modality.
  • [00.12.07] – Journey of healing, a holistic plan.
  • [00.12.50] – “How do you think you kept yourself alive through these years until you found those holistic remedies and another way of doing things?”
  • [00.14.21] – Tina shares her experience after the death of her daughter and about the conversation she had with god.
  • [00.16.52] – Tina shares with the audience that her husband and children helped her to grow and evolve into the person she is today.
  • [00.21.04] – Learning how to love myself, how ‘learning to love’ herself helped her to get over the tragedies of her childhood and how those experiences help her to raise her children.
  • [00.24.52] – Sharing about the importance of taking time for your own self care, Tina says that people in the present society are blindfolded due to the reality shows and social media that they have eventually forgotten the importance of healing.
  • [00.25.46] – “If you heal yourself, you heal the world piece by piece.”
  • [00.27.00] – Tina shares that there was so much damage caused to her in her childhood that it is un-repairable now.
  • [00.29.40] – Importance of accepting that you are wrong and healing through apologizing.
  • [00.31.09] – Importance of opening up a conversation and physical touch.
  • [00.34.27] – Advice to the audience, “spend at least 10 minutes a day going within and caring for yourself…self love and self care.”
  • [00.36.51] – E-book, “Healing Yourself”


  • “Positivity is so important”
  • “I’m a dreamer…I’m always thinking of what I can do next, how I can help more, how I can be bigger in this world.”
  • “I’m gonna learn how to love myself before I get into another relationship.”
  • “If you don’t have an open line of communication your not gonna have
    success in whatever kind of relationship.”
  • “Healing is hard, it’s painful but it’s so necessary if you are going to give yourself the quality of life that you deserve and that you need.”
  • “If you heal yourself you heal the world piece by piece.”
  • “A hug can break down walls”
  • “If you can’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of anyone else.”



Healing Yourself Ebook –