Living on Sugar to Living on Life

With Melissa Rohlfs 


Show Notes


In this intriguing episode, Melissa shares her story of how one incident that happened to her as a mom changed her life. Diving more into trauma, Melissa will discuss how you can get rid of trauma, as well as she will give an insight to the audience on the importance of eating healthy. Tune in and get  enlightened by the knowledge shared by Melissa about how eating healthy will help you get over your problems.


  • [00.00.14] – Melissa sharing her story says that she is a wife, a mother of two and a coach who helps women who are overwhelmed
  • [00.01.16] – Sharing how her life was back then, Melissa says that her life changed with an incident that happened to her as a mother
  • [00.02.47] – Melissa shares with the audience how she managed to get herself back on track and how with the help of her coach and counseling she learned the impact food has on one’s mood
  • [00.04.31] – How her life changed for good because of her diet
  • [00.06.10] – Melissa focuses on the fact that it’s not about food and exercise that it’s about the mindset and living life fully and not being stressed
  • [00.07.57] – Melissa shares what she did to become a holistic coach
  • [00.09.14] – Speaking of what she loves about her job, Melissa says helping women find freedom is what she loves the most
  • [00.10.18] – Sharing how childhood trauma changed her life, Melissa says that food was her coping mechanism
  • [00.11.48] – Speaking of Trauma, Melissa says that Post-traumatic stress disorder is not only for people in the military but also found among other people
  • [00.14.36] – Host emphasizes more on childhood trauma, how bullying and other factors may lead to childhood trauma
  • [00.16.10] – Melissa enlightens the audience on the fact that once you get the courage to verbalize what you are feeling, you’ll get the power to heal
  • [00.17.07] – Impact of food on one’s mental and emotional health
  • [00.18.09] – Biggest foods that triggers problems in mental and emotional health
  • [00.19.20] – Melissa shares the benefits of eating a healthy diet and how it positively affects one’s well being and mood
  • [00.20.26] – Sharing on how you can fit whole food diet into your lifestyle, Melissa says that swapping food as an upgrade is better
  • [00.21.23] – “What are your thoughts on, what’s supposed to be healthier
  • [00.23.50] – “How do you think exercise fits into this picture?”
  • [00.25.42] – Defining what adrenaline fatigue and burnout is, Melissa shares some tips that people can follow to avoid them
  • [00.26.14] – Melissa shares some tips on how people can not only get enough sleep but also quality sleep
  • [00.29.26] – Sharing the health effects screen time has on people, Melissa says that it’s affects one’s brain and sleep
  • [00.32.06] – As a word of encouragement to all the ladies, Melissa says that realizing that you are not a victim of your circumstances can help to shift lives
  • [00.33.46] – “Gratitude”


“Most of us start our businesses because of something that we went through
“Coaching is me helping you do what’s inside of you and what’s for you because you are your best expert”
“If you keep thinking it, it manifest into physical illness”
“Even the small changes add up to big changes later on”
“If you can just make a few simple changes, I think you are likely to see a
more sustainable long term result”
“We can eat healthy as we want but if we are not managing the stress, we are really not gonna make a big difference”
“We can really control a lot more than ourselves could”
“Focus on the things you can control and not on the things you can’t”