Don’t Let Anything Hold You Back

With Amber Kierra

Show Notes


In this empowering episode, Amber Kierra shares her inspiring story. How she overcame the nightmare called disability to turn into a woman who now inspires many by being a professional speaker and a coach. Amber also  enlightens the audience about the fact that “it’s all about your choice and that if you are gonna live with whatever disability you have or you are gonna
rise up above the occasion and say “yes I can do it”. Tune in and get inspired as Amber Kierra shares her story of how she overcame her biggest fear of her disability.


  • [00.00.47] – Amber shares her story, how her disability was a tough fight for her yet she learned her greatest life lesson which is ‘how to face any obstacle’.
  • [00.05.14] – Sharing her hobbies with the audience, Amber says that her love for acrobatics is immense and that she is an arial artist.
  • [00.06.34] – Describing the feeling she gets, Amber says that doing things that make her heart beat faster, is what she seeks.
  • [00.07.22] – Taking about her optimistic nature Amber says that she has always been bold and bubbly and that the stories she heard from the people around about her disability made her develop negative thoughts, depression and anxiety.
  • [00.10.08] – Amber shares with the audience how her decision to be bold
    resulted the purpose driven self, rise.
  • [00.12.03] – Sharing her purpose of life, Amber says that when people are walking in their calling and living out their purpose, they are making an impact on the world.
  • [00.13.18] – Amber shares the fact that the joy you get when you do something you like has nothing to do with the circumstances instead it has everything to do with purpose and your choice to live with that purpose.
  • [00.14.14] – Emphasizes on the fact that we all have the right, the ability and choice to create a new story for ourselves.
  • [00.15.28] – Amber shares the fact that blind or not, inability or not, stories will always will pop out and that one must stay consistent throughout no matter what.
  • [00.17.50] – Talks about how her experiences has helped her to step into
    relationships and dating advice.
  • [00.21.22] – Amber shares with the audience that the day she started learning the sense of independence was the turning point on her life.
  • [00.25.31] – Describing her highest hold back, Amber says that it’s all in her mind.
  • [00.28.42] – Amber shares that vulnerability is what makes her a great
    coach and that she’ll be transparent and never project herself to the client.
  • [00.30.53] – Emphasizing on the importance of having a coach, Amber says that having a coach is priceless.
  • [00.32.51] – Describes the biggest takeaway she had in her life.
  • [00.36.19] – Amber shares her experience on how people perceive one’s disability.
  • [00.39.09] – Describes how she was labeled as “pretty for a dark skinned girl”.
  • [00.45.12] – As a word of advice Amber asks the audience to continue to make the choice and the decision to break free from the story.
  • [00.46.57] – What is the ‘guidance call’


  • “Do one thing that scares the heck out of you everyday”
  • “You’ll never stretch outside of your boundaries, if you don’t step out of your comfort zone”
  • “We can experience things in life that create a story, that starts to steer our lives”
  • “I can do this, I can rise to the occasion and I can be who I was called to be no matter what goes around me”
  • “We can either decide that this is too hard or we can keep smashing through those glass ceilings till we get to where we want”
  • “We have this opportunity to either live in a story or declare the truth”
  • “To put less stress on the outcome and instead to turn my attention to the purpose of why I’m doing things”