The Courage To Fight Back

With Erin Baer

Show Notes


In this empowering episode, Erin Baer shares her experience as a survivor of Domestic violence and Sexual assault. She also shares on the fact that she wasn’t able to realize what she was going through, and hadn’t it been for her friends she wouldn’t have known that she was a domestic violence victim. Erin focuses on the belief “I’m not enough” as she feels that this belief had a massive impact on her. Giving advice to the audience Erin emphasizes on the fact that “your circumstances don’t define you”.

Tune in for this interesting and empowering episode as Erin shares her story.


  • [00.00.25] – Erin introduces herself to the audience.
  • [00.01.39] – Erin shares with the audience what her life looked like, how she got over the scars of domestic violence and sexual assault and how she created the life she has today.
  • [00.04.01] – Talking about her relationship with the guy who assaulted her, Erin highlights the fact that at first, she wasn’t aware of what abuse is.
  • [00.06.14] – Realizing that she was in an abusive relationship.
  • [00.08.32] – Erin shares with the audience how the little girl inside her stood up for what she couldn’t stand up for herself and kicked her guy out.
  • [00.11.39] – Fault in the law and that people always point towards the victim rather than the criminal.
  • [00.16.33] – Erin speaks on how her abuser reacted when she threw him out and how he physically assaulted her.
  • [00.19.34] – Describing the characteristics of an abuser, Erin says that although they appear charming gradually, they try to manipulate you and restrict you.
  • [00.24.03] – According to Erin the best help a person can give for a victim is to simply say “whatever you need I’m here for you.”
  • [00.26.38] – Erin gives the audience an insight on the belief “I’m not enough”, how she was affected by this belief.
  • [00.30.50] – Talking about the difference between Erin and her twin sister, she speaks on how her sister’s life has turned being her mom’s favorite.
  • [00.36.07] – “Taking hundred percent responsibility for what you have gone through and that circumstances don’t define you” is the advice given by Erin for all those out there going through such situations.

Guest Bio

Erin Baer, is survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault. With no knowledge of what she was going through Erin had to face physical, mental and emotional abuse. However, with all that she went through Erin stood up as strong woman and started “Beaten to Badass” an organization that helps people that undergo both domestic violence and sexual assault. She is also an empowerment coach, author and a speaker.


  • “Your circumstances don’t define you, you just have to get back up” – [00.01.03]
  • “You have already been victimized once by the monster and then sometimes you get revictimized over and over when you are in the system trying to get your life back on track” – [00.12.28]
  • “Everything I’ve gone through in life hasn’t been the easiest, but I’ve always just kept going” – [00.18.47]
  • “Your circumstances don’t define you” – [00.36.07]
  • “Keep your eye on the vision and you don’t lose your way” – [00.39.44]